Drisk Simple Missile Defense
An intriguing mix of puzzle and tower defense for Android.

Coming soon!

Users like yourself will be able to upload, download and rate their own custom levels on this page.

The level editor is Java based and should run on any Windows computer that has Java installed. If you're interested in creating custom levels, you can download the editor here.

Please note that the editor is provided "as-is" and is primarily a development tool. At this time it is not a polished commercial product and may take some time to learn how to use it.

Tip: "Group" and "Number" are not used in external levels, just leave them as -1.

Tip: click on "Wave" to easily view and select the spawn locations.

Tip: the number next to the "Enemy" type is a weight, and is used to determine how likely that type of unit is to spawn.

Updated September 27th 2012